Roky Round Portrait Px

      Hi there, my name is Roky.

      I’m a portrait and wedding photographer based out of Budapest.

      I tell stories of awesome people in love, both in Hungary and internationally.

      Beach Destination Wedding In Greece

      I DO WHAT I DO
      For the Fiercely in Love
      & Joyful at Heart

      The Essence of my Photography

      I Pose Unposed

      Farewell, awkward poses; hello, meaningful interactions! Being photographed doesn’t come naturally to most people – guess what, not even to the awesome people you see on my website. So don’t worry if you are a little freaked out by it – my job is to make it all fun and effortless by providing gentle guidance. Let’s show how crazy you guys are for each other and it’ll all be amazing! :)

      Joyful — Vibrant — Timeless

      Instead of trends, fads or someone else’s Pinterest wedding, I want to tell YOUR STORY. Your wedding is full of tiny moments in the embrace of your loved ones that deserve to be documented. Fleeting moments that come and go in the blink of an eye. I want to create beautiful memories of them all. To capture not only how it looked, but more importantly how it felt. Timeless images you will cherish forever.