January 24, 2020

An Intimate Budapest Wedding at The Writer’s Villa | Ilona + Chris

Sharing the love, laughter, tears and joy with the ones closest to your heart. Such pure, candid wedding moments. When I arrive, I arrive as a stranger being invited into this whirlwind day to photograph it all. But through the beautiful stories and the togetherness, I start to feel less and less a stranger. And that’s a beautiful thing to witness as a wedding photographer. And that is exactly how I felt at the wonderfully intimate wedding of Ilona & Chris’ at The Writer’s Villa in Budapest.

I love wedding because it is just wonderful to learn so much from the speeches about the stories that shape these people and hearing how Ilona and Chris met and eventually found love in each others arms, it was just so heartwarming to hear. Ilona’s parents moved to the US and her and her sibling were already born overseas. Growing up, she travelled the world and during a super exciting part of their lives, these two met for the first time. However the timing wasn’t right at the time, these souls soon found their way back to each other again.

Although they now live in Switzerland, they decided to bring their nuptials back to Budapest so that the rest of their family that still live in Hungary could celebrate with them too. It was such a laid-back garden wedding with an al fresco outdoor dinner and a party at the Brody Studios after.

I hope you’ll enjoy these photos from their big day! :)