January 30, 2020

Oriental Pre-Wedding at the Fisherman’s Bastion | Alaa + Osmaan

Alaa is from Morocco, Osmaan is from Pakistan, and I captured their wedding portraits while they took a short trip from Chicago to Budapest.

When they got married in Casablanca in November 2016, they actually had 4 outfit changes during their big day and they never did get many photos with their Pakistani outfit. For this reason, they decided to wear their traditional outfit for their pre-wedding in Budapest. Their colourful attire was beautifully complemented by the gorgeous limestone white towers of the Fisherman’s Bastion, probably the most iconic photography spot in Budapest.

Something interesting for creatives: I shot this session in part on digital and in part on film. In fact, about 70% of these images were shot on Portra 400 film with my beloved Pentax 645N film camera.