April 2, 2016

Ski Wedding Photoshoot in Austria

When you think skiing or snowboarding, a bride and groom doing their wedding photoshoot rarely comes to mind. Well, this couple did exactly that. With Levi, the groom being a professional Snowboard instructor and his betrothed, Domi just having got the hang of this winter sport, they could not think of a better place to have their winter wedding photos taken. Since they never considered themselves traditional people, the slopes of Nassfeld in Austria was the perfect choice for their ski wedding photoshoot. They made a trip out of it, invited their closest friends, stayed at the Cube, the FRANZ ferdinand Mountain Resort Nassfeld, so that early in the morning everyone could hit the slopes.

And. It. Was. Awesome.

Really, I can’t really describe it any better than the below skiing photoshoot pictures can. So grab a drink, sit back in your sofa and enjoy these photos.

(Oh, getting back onto skis after a 10-year break AND photographing at the same time was was not fun at first, but the old reflexes soon kicked in and we were having a blast. :)